Master Planning Services

Building First Nations supports Tulsa area building projects with master project plans that align engineering and architectural design services with construction services for a more strategic and streamlined delivery.

Ensure Efficiency With a Strategic Master Project Plan

If your construction project were a block of marble, then master planning would be the sculptor’s chisel. Each calculated stroke shapes the raw material into a stunning masterpiece. At Building First Nations, we act as the sculptors of master planning services, combining our expertise in architectural design services, engineering, and contracting to create a holistic, integrated approach to design and construction work that delivers top-notch results for our clients in the greater Tulsa area.

From initial concept designs to the final delivery, our experienced professionals work with you to create an efficient master project plan that carefully plots out the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve multiple project goals over time. Our master planning services create a coordinated, efficient process that minimizes risks, maximizes opportunities, and keeps everything on track. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adapting an existing structure, BFN collaborates with you to create a customized plan that meets your needs and budget while optimizing the performance, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal of your building.

Keep Your Multi-Phase Project On Time and Budget With Phasing Plan Construction

BFN’s master planning services and phasing plan construction services are essential to completing complex, multi-phase construction projects. While a master project plan involves developing a comprehensive strategy that guides the team throughout your project, phasing plan construction involves breaking the project into less substantial and more manageable phases prioritizing the most critical elements. Combining both services allows BFN to ensure each stage is completed on time, within budget, and to any required industry or compliance standards while identifying potential issues and opportunities for cost savings.

Our Master Planning Services Are Your Guide to Success

Contact Building First Nations today to discuss your master project plan needs with our expert team of designers and planners. Let us help turn your vision into a reality with our comprehensive and customized master planning services.

The Benefits of Master Planning Services in Real-World Scenarios

At BFN, we recognize your project is unique and requires a tailored approach to ensure success. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific needs and goals before developing a master project plan that works for you. Having a custom-developed plan that covers everything going on at your construction site provides several benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive Vision:  BFN’s master planning services provide a big-picture vision that guides everything else in the project, from minor architecture and interior design details to the most significant logistics and budgeting challenges. This comprehensive vision ensures every aspect of the project is aligned with your goals and expectations. For example, a hotel developer can use our master planning services to create a design that maximizes the guest experience while meeting budget and construction timelines.
  • Efficient Process: Our phasing plan for construction and master project plans provide a coordinated and efficient process that minimizes risks, maximizes opportunities, and keeps everything on track. This means projects and subprojects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards. For example, a retail developer can use our master planning services to create a store design that maximizes customer traffic flow and revenue while minimizing construction costs and project length.
  • Risk Management: BFN’s master planning services help identify and mitigate risks that may arise during construction. Our construction and design teams work with you to understand unique challenges and develop contingency plans to minimize the impact of any unexpected issues. For example, a healthcare facility can use our master planning services to create a design that prioritizes patient safety and comfort and minimizes the risk of infection and disruption.
  • Sustainability: BFN can tailor our master planning services to emphasize sustainability, helping you meet your objective to reduce your carbon footprint and create environmentally friendly buildings. BFN works with you to identify sustainable design, materials, and construction practice opportunities. For example, a corporate office building can use our master planning services to create a renovation design that improves workflows without producing excess material waste.
  • Flexibility: We design our master planning services to adapt to changing circumstances or project requirements. This helps you stay nimble and responsive to changing market conditions or other external factors. For example, in a mixed-use development, BFN’s master project plan considers factors such as zoning regulations and market demand to create a dynamic, flexible space that can evolve over time to meet changing needs and trends.

Our Architectural Expertise Is Available for All Delivery Methods

While BFN is proud to be a comprehensive design-build, construction, engineering, and architectural design services provider, we offer each as needed. This includes providing design-construction documents that you can use to procure bids from general contractors.

Let’s Start Developing Your Master Project Plan

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