Construction Engineering Services

Building First Nations is the professional engineering services provider of choice in the greater Tulsa area because of our focus on efficiency, cost effectiveness, and construction site and building safety.

Ensure the Safety and Functionality of Your Construction Project With Our Professional Engineering Services

When it comes to commercial and industrial projects, professional construction engineering services are like the foundation of a building. Without it, the structure is bound to crumble. At Building First Nations, we offer end-to-end civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering services our exclusive partners provide to help you avoid the common pitfalls of cost overruns, safety hazards, delays, and quality issues. Our team of experts ensures your project is safe, runs smoothly, and is set up for long-term success with meticulous engineering design services tailored to your specific needs.

Our Construction Engineering Services

BFN offers comprehensive construction engineering services that cover all aspects of your project. From conducting landscape surveys to designing and installing complex HVAC systems, our experienced team ensures every detail is taken care of, leaving you with a successful project.

Experience the Difference Our Professional Engineering Services Make

Are you seeking an experienced partner to provide engineering design services for your next project? If so, contact Building First Nations to discuss your project and how our construction engineers manage all phases to ensure a successful outcome.

BFN Is Your Full-Service Construction Engineering Partner

Our professional engineering services provide significant benefits for your commercial and industrial projects, including increased safety, compliance with regulations, and enhanced project efficiency. Our project engineers deliver reliable planning, design, and construction management and ensure seamless project execution from start to finish. In addition to professional engineering services, we offer full design-build and design-bid-build capabilities, providing a turnkey solution to construction projects that guarantees quality and saves you stress, time, and money.


BFN’s preconstruction services include project scheduling, conceptual estimating, permitting and approvals. These services ensure smooth and efficient construction, saving time and money.


Our architectural services, which include master planning, conceptual design, and design-construction documenting, provide comprehensive design solutions to ensure your project is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and cost-effective.

General Contracting

We offer modular, commercial, industrial, and general contracting services encompassing cost estimating and quality control measures to ensure your project is within budget, adheres to the required standards, and exceeds expected quality levels.

Let’s Discuss Your Construction Engineering Needs

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