Construction Project Scheduling

Building First Nations keeps building schedules for commercial and industrial projects in the greater Tulsa area on track and within budget through exceptional planning and organization

Ensure Your Construction Timelines and Budget Are Met With a Strategic Building Schedule

Construction project scheduling requires patience, attention to detail, and a carefully planned approach to ensure a successful outcome. A well-planned building schedule guides every project phase. Inattentive building schedules lead to missed deadlines, cost overruns, poor resource allocation, safety hazards, and hastily performed work that causes long-term issues.

That’s why Building First Nations focuses on meticulous stakeholder, vendor, and contractor scheduling. With our construction project management and scheduling services, you have a team to deliver your commercial or industrial new ground-up build, addition, or renovation on time and within budget at the highest quality standards, from ideation to installation.

Utilizing Powerful Contractor Scheduling Software

There are many types of scheduling processes you can follow to ensure a successful project. But the simplicity, efficiency, and visibility provided by Primavera and Procore give everyone involved in your project a holistic view of start and end dates. With a transparent calendar view and simple dragging and dropping functions for building schedule adjustments, BFN eliminates time-consuming tasks and the risk of miscommunication to project your construction timeline accurately.

Never Miss a Construction Timeline Again

If your last project caused you time and money by missing its building schedule deadline or caused more stress than it should have, Building First Nations is here to help. Contact our team today to discuss your next build and how our construction project scheduling services ensure it’s completed on time and on budget.

The Benefits of Working With a Construction Project Scheduling Expert

Having a well-developed building schedule that allows for flexibility without disrupting the construction process is vital because it is impossible to account for every issue that could arise. By working with BFN to create a building schedule, you ensure your project stays on track, is completed efficiently, and meets your needs and requirements. Our construction project scheduling team also:

  • Helps you develop a realistic and detailed construction timeline that considers all aspects of your construction project
  • Identifies potential roadblocks or challenges that may impact the project’s progress and develop contingency plans to mitigate those risks
  • Allocates resources, including labor and materials, to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings
  • Provides regular construction project scheduling updates and progress reports, keeping all stakeholders informed and aware of project status and any changes
  • Manages subcontractors and coordinates their work to avoid delays or conflicts
  • Ensures compliance with local regulations and building codes, avoiding any potential penalties or delays due to non-compliance
  • Maintains high-quality work standards by scheduling the necessary time for proper quality control inspections and testing
  • Provides insights and recommendations based on experience with similar projects, ensuring the construction timeline is maintained and the project completed on time
  • Adapts and adjusts the construction project schedule as needed to accommodate any changes or unexpected issues that may impact the construction timeline to minimize disruption
  • Monitors costs and expenses

BFN Is Here To Guide Your Project Throughout the Preconstruction Phase and Beyond

BFN is your comprehensive preconstruction contractor for scheduling and more. We also provide conceptual estimates and permitting and approval services. Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of our design-build capabilities or looking for a trusted preconstruction services partner as part of a design-bid-build project, we’re ready to bring your vision to life.

Let’s Discuss Your Building Schedule Needs

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