Conceptual Estimates for Tulsa Area Construction Projects

Building First Nations preliminary estimating services ensure your Tulsa area construction project has a clear view of expected costs so we can complete your build on time and within budget.

Begin Developing a Realistic Construction Budget With Knowledgeable Preliminary Estimating Services

Think of conceptual estimates as the initial draft of a movie script. While there’s more to develop and feedback to incorporate, you’re outlining the main components of the story in the early stages. Building First Nations’ preliminary estimating services give you a general idea of the total cost based on the limited available information about your project’s scope, materials, and labor during the initial design and preconstruction phases.

During this time, we begin seeing the effect different design and construction elements have and whether they are feasible with your budget. We take pride in providing accurate conceptual estimates by using our expertise, analyzing data from similar previous projects, and keeping a close eye on material, labor, and construction costs. That’s because we understand inaccurate or undetailed preliminary cost estimates cause significant problems for commercial or industrial construction projects, including cost overruns, delays, and even project cancellation. With BFN, you have a partner that builds a plan that allows us to complete the project on time and within budget every time.

Cost Estimating vs. Conceptual Estimating

Conceptual estimating is used in the early stages of a construction project to provide a general idea of costs. It’s based on preliminary design documents and outlines the project’s overall scope. On the other hand, cost estimating is a more detailed process later in the project when more specific design details are available. Actual quantities of materials and labor hours are used to produce a precise budget for your project. As a full-service general contractor, BFN is here to provide you with cost and conceptual estimates to align your goals and project costs.

Conceptual Design-Build Cost Estimating

BFN is a full-service design-build firm that handles all architectural and engineering needs in-house. As a comprehensive general contractor, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a complete suite of services from initial concept design to final construction. Combined with our design-build services, our conceptual estimating services allow us to provide more accurate estimates for your project, giving you a clear understanding of what to expect before moving forward. By working with BFN for all your construction needs, you experience better overall cost control and ensure your project is delivered on budget.

Take the Guesswork Out of Building Costs With Our Conceptual Estimates

Are you ready to turn your conceptual dreams into a tangible reality? Schedule a consultation with us today and let our conceptual estimating services give you a clearer picture of how to best move your project forward.

Discover How BFN’s Conceptual Estimates Benefit Your Project

We understand accurate and detailed preliminary cost estimates are the backbone of a successful construction project. Our conceptual cost estimates offer several significant benefits, including:

  • Avoiding surprises and ensuring budgetary alignment from the start
  • Identifying potential problems before they happen
  • Saving time and money by preventing costly changes during construction
  • Allowing for informed decision-making in the early stages of planning
  • Providing a framework for budgetary negotiations and approvals
  • Enabling more cohesive and collaborative planning among stakeholders

Explore Our Additional Preconstruction Services

Along with conceptual estimating, BFN offers project scheduling, permitting, and approval services to give your project the structure it needs to thrive.

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