About Us

Possessing passion for construction and commitment to community—learn the Building First Nations story.

Building for the Future: The WE IV HO NI, INC Story

WE IV HO NI (Building First Nations) is a Native American-owned, general contracting and construction management firm. Founded, owned, and operated by the Lasarsky family, we’re proud members of the Cherokee Nation. Our team includes licensed architects, engineers, and builders who are dedicated to providing functional design and construction projects, for both institutional and entrepreneurial clients.

Creating Lasting Impact: Our Community-Focused Approach to Design and Construction

As proud members of the Cherokee Nation, we understand the importance of legacy and mission. With a focus on supporting projects that prioritize the healing and empowerment of our communities, our mission is simple—to design and build projects that uplift the First Peoples, both now and for future generations.

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